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With the arrival of Web 3.0 there are many productivity tools on the market however they are normally ‘one size fits all’ type solutions.  This can lead to several solutions being taken on board by an organisation, with none of them talking to each other.  Data is scattered and the UX experience from your teams point of view is usually 10 or more screens open at the one time.  Although it might seem like a small thing, this level of clicks and movements across devices and platforms causes time inefficiencies, distraction and much confusion.
A customised software development project designs to solve issues such as these.  At Glanmire we work using a collaborative partnership model.  We sit down with your team and conduct a needs analysis.  This is to identify the current software in use, assess the pain points, identify areas for improvement that are specific to your company (you are unique after all) and discuss solutions.  As you can see, before we start writing a line of code we spend time understanding your unique workflow challenges. Some firms want to focus on their document management system (or lack of one).  The customised software solution varies from company to company and from industry to industry.  A document management software system (DMSS) is designed to complete various electronic document tasks.  A cloud-based (SaaS) solution can automate your company’s document flow, freeing up valuable resources which allow your team to get more important work done.
It may seem that paper work is not such a big deal but document issues are estimated to cost approximately 21% of daily productivity and with more legislation coming in next year, the SME paperwork load is due to increase even more.  As a result the business case is proven – paperwork automation becomes more necessary to help keep operational costs down and this is just one solution we can provide.  By focusing on your business goals we can help build an efficient software solution that delivers for you.
The things you need to consider before embarking on a customised software project include examining your company’s workflow across the business processes.  Do you need to integrate it with other systems and platforms?  Should the system have scalable storage?  The system should have an easily searchable database.  You will also need to consider an optical character reader for a more equal world.  We can streamline all of this, and more, with access to all of your systems via one platform.

If you are considering a customised software system, please talk to our friendly sales team for further advice and learn how Glanmire’s decades of experience can help you streamline your organisation.

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